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Acute Care


The Acute Care unit at Roane General Hospital is committed to providing quality health care services to our community. The unit provides services to patients recovering from medical illness, injury, disease or surgical procedures, and features 22 patient beds; the patient population in the unit ranges from newborn to geriatric. The Acute Care unit delivers care through an interdisciplinary team approach. We utilize the expertise of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, respiratory and physical therapists and all other disciplines throughout the organization. The goal of the Acute Care staff is to help the patient attain an optimal level of health.  Care on the Acute Care unit is overseen by a hospitalist.


The Acute Care unit offers smoking cessation, dietary and medication counseling, as well as inpatient respite hospice and medical hospice services in conjunction with Housecalls and Kanawha Hospice entities. Respite services are also available to ensure patients have a safe discharge plan. In order to ensure continuity of care, the staff of the Acute Care unit will make arrangements for a patient’s transfer to another facility if a different level of services is required or if healthcare assistance will be needed once leaving our facility. The staff also works with the patient’s Primary Care Provider to create a safe transition of care back to the home environment.

Visiting Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.


Because patients in the Acute Care unit need a quiet and calm environment at all times to support their recovery, only children 12 years of age and older are permitted in patient rooms during visiting hours.


To contact the Acute Care department, please call 304-927-6240.


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