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Roane General Hospital is dedicated to the delivery of high-quality, cost-effective health care to all members of our community. The work we do makes a difference in people’s lives.



Doug Bentz

Chief Executive Officer

Julie Carr

Chief Clinical Officer

Amy Downey

Chief Financial Officer

Board of Directors


Jack D. Garrett, II, President

William G. Downey, Jr., Vice President

Gregory A. Boggs, Vice President

Jennifer F. McCulty, Secretary

John A. Varda, Treasurer


G. Jeanette Atkinson

Richard E. Bowlby

Martha S. Cooper

Kevin M. Gaughan

Christine M. Hedges

Paul M. Hughes

Jenny A. Lewis

John H. Taylor

Robert E. Zdanek

Ex Officio: Douglas E. Bentz; 
   Chief Executive Officer

Ex Officio: Hong-Kin Ng, MD; 
   Chief of Medical Staff

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